How do I list or upload products?


They can integrate the XML we have given to our dealers to their own marketplaces. XML Integration does not have any fees or extra documents. No IP registration is required. You can install it from the links below. Since the accounting and e-commerce panel are connected to each other, instant updates are made.

The stock amounts in the XML are very variable, so at least once a day We recommend doing an XML update in the evening. If you are going to upload in Excel format, you need to do stock controls manually via XML.


Marketplace integrations can be done by our dealers themselves. Direct integration with XML is not possible with some marketplaces such as Trendyol. Therefore, in such cases, you should contact integration software companies such as prapazar, entegra, ayensoft, fully integrated, propars. You can learn the prices and details from the relevant company officials. If you are going to upload manually as Excel, we recommend that you regularly check the stock controls via XML, as we mentioned above. You can get information on how to upload products in XML or Excel Format to your Marketplaces via the links below.

Hepsiburada Product Download

N11 Product Download

Çiçeksepeti Product Download

Trendyol Product Download

Other Marketplaces 


You can provide direct Integration to your e-commerce site in XML format.


social media accounts manually to your platform via Excel or XML file and sell them. We recommend that you do stock controls regularly via XML.



How can I update products?


The stock quantities in the XML are veryk is variable, so we recommend updating the XML at least once a day in the evening.

If you are using integration software, tell your company that you want to automate your stock updates.

  If you are going to upload in Excel format, you have to do the stock controls manually via XML. In the column of stock amount via XML, "stock 0"; You can sell the products displayed as.

- You can open it for sale again when the product stocks change. When new products are added, you are informed via your registered e-mail address in the system. Thus, you can also offer new products for sale.



How do I find the right category for my products/How can I get Product Images


Products are categorized in XML and Excel, It is ready for download with its images and explanations. To pull products from only certain categories, you can get products in that category by classifying them from the category column.



My products were rejected by the Marketplace, what should I do?


Marketplaces prevent the loading of products with the same barcode and brand . Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, you should change the barcodes of the products while uploading them to your marketplaces and put them on sale under your own brand. Authorization certificate is not provided by us.


How can I order the products I sell on


  You can reach the products you sell by searching the product stock code on drop.yenitoptanci.

Because you added the products to the cart and filled out the address form correctly After you are sure, you can create your order by making the payment.

Short tutorial for detailed information about Order Creation you can also watch our video .



How are product returns handled?


If a return originating from (wrong product delivery, missing product, defective product sent) here, the returns are made to and only the product price is refunded to the dealer. does not pay. If the customer is not at home, the cargo exit will be sent to the branch if he cannot reach it.Since it shows us as i, the product is sent to us as a return. If there is a problem caused by the dealer, the customer and the cargo (the product is broken in the cargo, the customer returns the product for any reason, does not like the cargo, does not receive the cargo, gives up the order, breaks down after using it for a while, the product is broken in the cargo, cracked or damaged, the dealer is wrong and incomplete. entering information, etc.) here, the product price and shipping costs are not reimbursed. The dealer is responsible for following the order continuously and being in constant contact with the customer. In case of cargo-related problems, a damage assessment report or due diligence report should be kept. Cargoes going back and forth to the customer are not offered for sale again by



Customer dislike even though there is no defect in the product / what can I do if he requested a refund for reasons such as abandonment?


You can reject the return request. You can refuse the return and write the reason for the rejection. The use of the product is a valid reason. The marketplace will consider your request.




Do you gift wrap or custom boxing? How are products sent to the customer?


No, we do not have such a service at the moment . Products are generally sent with cargo bags or anonymous boxes, and a printout containing your information is placed in the cargo.



How can I contact you?

We can't support phone at the moment, but we can't support anything related to xml. You can reach us on the subject at the e-mail address of and on our Whatsapp line at 0542 380 97 03.



How is the sales invoice made?


Our reseller invoices each customer to whom it sells at the retail price. must cut, this responsibility belongs to our dealer. Selling without prepaid constitutes a legal crime, possible inspections or complaints can have serious consequences. A wholesale invoice is issued once a month until the order is sent by us to our dealer.



What are the responsibilities of the dealer in the whole order operation?


The status of the panels after the order was transferred to should be checked. If the orders are not delivered after being shipped, first the cargo company and then the customer should be called and necessary efforts should be made to ensure that the order is delivered successfully.  If the order is to be returned, it must enter its own location information into the system and receive the returns itself.


Which shipping company do you work with, what are the prices?


We are working with ARAS KARGO company.


Can we exit with cargoes like Trendyol Express- All Jet except Aras cargo?


You can log out, but on the detail pages of the products we supply on the relevant panels, the Shipping Address section is "Atasan Warehouse - Karadeniz Mahallesi General Aldoğan Caddesi 1129 Sokak No:1/A Gaziosmanpaşa Istanbul (next to dalkur kuruyemis)" You write, so Trendyol Express and Hepsi Jet teams come to take orders. Likewise, this process can be done on an order basis. The important thing here is "confirm the reconciliation" from the panel when the products are received at Trendyol Express. button should be ticked. Otherwise, the order is not moving in the main collection center.


Which marketplaces do you ship to?



We can ship orders from all known marketplaces.

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