In order to serve you better in the new dropshipping system, Atasan Foreign Trade company will do it.  Atasan Dış Ticaret will manage operations such as shipping, packaging, order tracking, customer service.


You can send products directly to your customers via  If you just want to dropshipping, we can send your sales from your own e-commerce site, marketplaces (,, etc.), social media.

CAUTION< /span>

You must list your products with your own brand and barcodes when putting them on the market. Otherwise, it will not be put up for sale by the relevant marketplaces. Authorization certificate cannot be provided by us. Detailed information on product integration Frequently Asked Questions can be found on our page.





You Don't Have To Keep Stock


Dropshipping system does not need to keep warehouses, employ personnel, organize shelves, new wholesaler .com stock also becomes your stock. Products sold, unsold if you do not take the stress and risk.



Dropshipping Operation No Monthly Fee



We charge 2 TL per order from our dropshipping dealers for packaging and other expenses.



Cargo Operation


With fast shipping, which is a must for e-commerce, you can increase your orders many times over . Your orders placed until 10:00 on weekdays are within 2 (two) working days. It is delivered to Aras Cargo. 


Capital Free E-commerce


We do not charge any upfront or entry fee for dropshipping, XML&# After installing 39;i you can start selling instantly. You only work on the sale of the products.





1- First, you apply for a dealership via


2- When the order arrives, open and You are entering a dealer.


3- After searching and finding the products in the order, you add them to the cart and click the Buy button. you click.


4- In the first part of the order form, your customer's Name, Surname, You are logging in with your phone, address information.


5- The current title registered to the system as a Dealer just below, You write parts such as tax number and office, billing address and e-mail address.


6- The buyer of the cargo just below pays (DROP ARAS UA), seller pays (DROP ARAS PO),  You choose the one that suits your order from the options. Submissions are made with ARAS. If this selection is not made correctly, your order will not be sent.


7- For orders from marketplaces; GGK for Gittigidiyor, for N11 You enter the Cargo Campaign Code, the code starting with 621-622 for Hesiburada. In this way, the order status will automatically change from your marketplace page to Cargo. GG-N11-HB orders must be entered correctly in this field. < /span>


8- Then, we created the cargo template that we got from the marketplaces in  JPG/PDF format We upload it to the site. Dealers certainly do not send us the invoice they have issued to their customers. They ship to their customers. As, we only use the marketplace order documents that you have uploaded to your panel during the order. prints out the documents you upload to the system and sends them to the customer with the product.


9- Then we pay and confirm our order by credit card. You can track your orders on the cargo tracking page.






To start dropshipping about how the process works We provide information below, item by item.




  1. We are applying for a dealership to (Memberships are auto-approved)
  2. After receiving the first order, we add the relevant product to our cart, then "confirm cart" and buy" Click the button.



3. In the order form, we first enter the information of our customers as shown below.

4. In the second part of the form, our current information belonging to us as a dealer must be entered completely. This part is very important so that we can invoice you for the order you have placed. If you use Google chrome browser, once you fill out the form, information will come thanks to the auto-fill feature, and this link, the data comes automatically.You don't need to rewrite r in the order.






5.  In this section, in the cargo option, if our customer will pay for the cargo, DROP ARAS UA  DROP ARAS PO  You have to select the option. Here UA Fee Buyer means PO upfront.



6.  Trendyol, N11 Çiçeksepeti or Hepsiburada Enter the order code. You must enter the code starting with 621 or 622 from, and the campaign code at NUMBER ONLY.




7."Campaign Code:xxxxx" You should not enter it as a barcode, because the codes you enter here are converted into barcodes for cargo companies. Below are the codes entered incorrectly.




8.  Invoice or Order Form Upload Here you need to upload the invoice you have issued to your customer or the forms you receive from the marketplaces in .JPG or .PNG format. The order forms in the marketplaces are usually in PDF format, unfortunately, we do not have PDF viewing in our system. So, convert these PDF files to jpg or png format with screen clipping tools and upload them. google chrome plugin by clicking here you can do it with an application, it is a very practical tool.



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